Excavator and the Miss World


Excavator stands for strong power while the Miss World represents beauty and elegance, people have never imagined that the two totally different things could have connections with each other.

On September 28th, the Miss World came to Sany and had a close interaction with Sany excavator.

The 20 beauties wearing Sany uniform made a fashion show in the stage, perfectly combining their elegance with Sany uniform.


The combination of Sany excavator and the Miss World has great significance for Sany going global. Started in the year of 1951, the world beauty contest has covered more than 150 countries and become the most influential contest in the world which has the longest history and the most supporters. As a leading construction equipment manufacturer, Sany has established four R&D manufacturing bases in India, America, Germany and Brazil and put 5%-7% of annual sales into innovation research in order to keep dynamic in the world market. In the year of 2012, Sany acquired Putzmeister as the international headquarter of concrete machinery. As the co-sponsor of the Miss World in Laoning district of China, Sany shows strong determination to go global and bear corresponded responsibility. The same mission to these beautiful and young girls, as the Miss World, good looking is just one aspect, what is more important is that they should bear the responsibility to advocate beauty, health and peace to the world.


It is a beautiful picture that the Miss World poses in front of the mini excavator. The beauty contest doesn’t come to an end, the beautiful girls have to work harder to be standout in the finals, so does Sany. Only by continuous innovation and harder work can they walk further on the way to the world.


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