Sany Hydraulic Excavator is in Short Supply in the Golden September

Recently, the China Construction Equipment Industry Association issued hydraulic excavator sales data of September, which showed the dynamic of China excavator market. The good situation in the excavator market makes solid foundation for the recovery of the construction equipment industry. With excellent performance, Sany excavator is in short supply and achieves the market leadership.


It is reported that Sany sold 1114 units of hydraulic excavator in this September, achieving 99% year-on-year growth and ranking No.1 in the industry. In the first three quarters, Sany excavator is in the first place with the sales volume of 9934 units. Sany also ranks NO.1 in excavator exporting with the amount of 2053 units. Barring unanticipated circumstance, Sany will become the double-champion in domestic excavator sales and export sales of China.


In September, the China excavator market is very lively. 2792 Units of small excavator weighing less than 13 tons are sold, accounting for 51.17%, the sales amount of medium excavator (13 ton-30 ton) is 2015, accounting for 36.93%, the sales amount of large excavator(more than 30 tons)is 649, accounting for 11.90% of the total excavator sales. Comparing with the sales amount of 2015, the sales volume of hydraulic excavator has achieved 60% year-on-year growth, especially the large excavator has achieved double growth. Under this hot selling background, Sany small excavator and medium excavator rank NO.1 with the sales amount of 672 and 403, Sany large excavator ranks NO.2 with the sales volume of 84 units.


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