Piling Rig Maintenance Guidelines

Piling rig is the best drilling tool that is widely used in engineering construction. Designed to be used in various environments, it can be used in sand, clay and silt. Generally speaking, the rated power of the drilling rig is 125-450 kW, the torque is 120-400 kN.m, the maximum diameter can be 1.5-4 m, the maximum depth is 60-90m. In order to reduce the downtime and save cost, daily maintenance of the drilling rig is very necessary and important.


Malfunction One: Lack of torque power, low speed, abnormal noise

Reasons: Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure, something wrong with motor, gear box and decelerator.

Solution: Check the hydraulic system, if it is normal, the machine parts may go wrong. Check the motor and its shaft. Dismantle the piling rig decelerator, pay attention to the component order, wash all of the bolts and other parts. Replace the damaged gears and reinstall the decelerator and motor. Solution should be made once the malfunction is found to avoid enlarging the damaged area.

Malfunction Two: Wire rope abrasion

Reasons: Lack of lubricating oil, distortion of the wire rope

Solution: Replace the wire rope bearing and paint lubricant to the rope.

Malfunction Three: The mast oil cylinder leaks fuel

Reasons: The mast cracked or the oil cylinder seal was broken.

Solution: Replace the mast and the cylinder seal.


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