Sany Small Excavator Challenges the Impossible

On December 25th, when many people celebrated Christmas, Sany small excavator once again attended the famous China show “Challenge the Impossible” and performed another stunt that surprised everyone. Memory was revoked to November 13th, which is the first time that Sany excavator appeared in this TV show and performed tightrope walking in the height of 5.4 meters high from the ground. At that time, Mr Liu Renwei, Sany excavator engineer, perfectly showed his consummate operating skill and successfully completed the challenge. With the courage of the success in the first time, Mr Zhang Xiaocheng, the challenger of this time, created another miracle on the Christmas day.


Different with the challenge of the first time, Sany small excavator turned into spider-man this time and climbed the tower with the height of 18 meters. The tower was divided into six parts and the light would be turned on when the excavator reached that part. The rule for the final success was that the when the excavator reached the top, its jib would be fixed with the groove in the bottom and the machine body hung in the air for 5 seconds. Full of difficulties and risks, this challenge became the focus of this show.


With strengthened parts and excellent bearing capacity, the 13.5-ton small excavator perfectly cooperated with Mr Zhang Xiaocheng and successfully completed the challenge. Both the audiences in the site and watching TV applauded for this excellent performance. And for SANY, this was the best Christmas gift.

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